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Our staff are Cytech qualified and we are proud of our honest approach when it comes to advice on servicing and repairs.
Our team are always happy to answer any questions you may have regarding the set-up and maintenance of your bike and can offer advice on the different components and parts available.
We also offer three options regarding services:

Free Estimate

Our technician will inspect your bike for damage, corrosion and wear and tear, and will advise on any work needing carried out immediately or in the near future
This estimate includes :-


  • A full PDI check,

  • Feedback on component health,

  • Advise on parts required.

Standard Service from £40

All aspects of your bike will be inspected, lubricated and adjusted where necessary
This service includes :-

  • Tyres & wheels checked for damage

  • frame, forks & components checked

  • bottom bracket/cranks torque check

  • brakes checked & repaired if required

  • all cables checked & replaced if required

  • gears indexed

  • chain checked & lubed

  • All bolt torque settings checked.

  • Full road test


Any parts fitted to your bicycle during this service will be added to the cost of the Standard Service charge.

E - Service from £60

Our Bosch/Shimano/TQ/Fazua certified technicians will test you system and update or diagnose if applicable.
This service includes :-

  • A Full Diagnostic Report​

  • Any Firmware Updates for your current system

  • everything listed in a Standard Service above

  • Full road test

  • Battery capacity report for Bosch can be given for an extra cost of £15.

Any parts fitted to your bicycle during this service will be added to the cost of the Standard Service charge.

Advanced Service from £160*

*Price varies depending on the time complexity of work carried out
This service can include :-

  • Replacing or servicing of suspension (not including parts).

  • Complete rebuild (new or existing frame)

  • Truing and re-spoking wheels

  • Bottom brackets, head tube & disc mounts faced.

A full wheel building service is available but due to the variations in components and specifications please call for exact pricing, our workshop is geared up to tackle any bicycle repair regardless of brand. A free estimate can be provided before any work is carried out.
We would appreciate if at all possible that all cycles brought in for servicing (that are excessively dirty) are cleaned. Any cycle that is excessively dirty and requires our technicians to clean may incurr an extra charge.This is for the health and safety of our staff. Thank you..

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