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Accessible Cycling

Our cycle range includes custom designs, adult cycles, social, family and companion cycles, children's trikes, tandem bikes, side by side bikes, wheelchair bikes, wheelchair transporter cycles and much much more. So whether you're a toddler, child or adult your cycling needs are catered for.

For people with disabilities cycling offers exercise, fun, mobility and independence. There is a huge variety of cycles and adaptations, but too many are bought without proper advice, and without the chance to try out and compare. We do our best to keep examples of all options at our centre. 

Vanraam is one of the worlds leading manufacturers in adaptive cycling, this is why we are pleased to work along side them to deliver a unique and tailored experience for whatever your needs.

We do offer other brands along with Vanraam, such as Mission and Circe. Mission cycles can be a little more affordable and can offer just as much freedom and support to someone who needs mobility at less expense. Crice Cycles specialize in tandems mostly, but do have other products available.


Please see below for the Manufactures websites.


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